Scalp Micropigmentation For Scarring

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Scar Camouflage Q & A

What is scar camouflage?

A scar camouflage is a type of treatment that helps to disguise the appearance of scar tissue. There are many different types of scar treatments available, and the best one for you will depend on the location and severity of your scar. Scar treatments can include injections, laser therapy, surgery, and topical treatments. Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is a type of scar camouflage that is becoming increasingly popular. SMP involves injecting pigment into the skin to match the surrounding skin tone. At New Style SMP, we use the latest techniques to provide natural-looking results that can help you feel more confident about your appearance. Schedule a consultation with us today to see if SMP is right for you.

The main potential reasons of scarring are:

• Acne

• Burns

• Chickenpox

• Cuts and scrapes

• Ear piercing

• Insect bites

•      Surgery

Can surgical scars be completely corrected?

Scars are naturally part of the healing process, but that doesn't mean that we have to live with them forever. There are a variety of scar treatments available that can help to improve appreances of surgical scars. Scar tissue can be removed through surgery, and the remaining skin can be treated with lasers or injected with fillers. In some cases, smp can be used to camouflage scars. While there is no way to completely erase a scar, these treatments can help to make it less visible. As a result, surgical scars need not be a permanent reminder of your past. With the right treatment, they can become a part of your history.

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